There are several ways to enlist Pip’s services. Not everyone has the time or do they wish to be involved in every aspect of selecting items and furnishings for their home. To this end Pip is willing to work in with each client to accommodate their individual schedule, time frame and level of involvement. Below are three possible scenarios:

  1. The client is involved in all aspects of the design, selection, and restoration. They will travel to each region within Asia purchasing with Pip’s guidance.

  2. The client has time constraints and wishes to visit some regions with Pip to be involved in selecting items of particular interest to them maybe art and antiques or fabrics and pots.

  3. The client wishes for Pip to travel and select all items on their behalf. After extensive briefing from the client. To this end photo’s, dimensions, quotations, and the like would be downloaded daily to keep the client 100% in control of the decision making process.

We all have different requirements and to this end Pip is prepared to produce a schedule that suits each client.